PC/RS232 Programmable, 16 or 32 Channels with each channel having the following:

30 mA/Bridge Excitation Voltage
Voltage: +5.0, +10.0 or +15.0 VDC  ±0.2%
Current: 30mA maximum
    Regulation: Within ±0.2% of output over voltage range and load variation.
Programmable Differential Amplifiers with 16 possible gains, user specified.
Instrumentation Amplifier Specifications
Gain Possibilities: 1 to 1000
Output Characteristics: Output over operating range: ±10V
Input: Input Impedance: 3000MOHMS/4pF
    Input Voltage Range for Specified Performance: ±10V
    Max Voltage without Damage to Unit, Power ON or OFF
    Differential: 30V. Voltage at Either Input: ±30V
Programmable 6 pole filters with 4 possible cut off frequencies, user specified.
Low Pass Filter Specifications
Shape: 6 Pole Butterworth Low Pass Filter (Bessel, Compromise and Chebysev models are also available).
DC Gain: 1
Programmable Cutoff Frequency: 1 Hz to 20 KHZ with 4 possibilities (2 bits)
Cutoff Frequency Accuracy: ±5%
Input Impedance: 10M ohms min./2pF
Input Voltage Range: ±10 V
Output Impedance: <1 ohm
Output Short Circuit Current: 25 mA, Indefinite
Environmental Specifications
Storage Temp: -55°C to +125°C
Operating Temp: -40°C to +85°C
Humidity: 95% for 4 hrs. @ +50°C
Altitude Unlimited
Shock: 100 g's 10 msec in each major axis
Vibration: 30 g's RMS, 50 to 2000 Hz in each major axis
Constant Acceleration: 100 g's in each major axis
Mechanical Specifications
Size: 16 Channels less than 25 cubic inches

32 Channels less than 50 cubic inches

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